Posted by: Jackie | July 17, 2008

A Collective Sigh


Cicadas chatter in the tree boughs. The hum of a weed eater, the smoky smell of meat on the barbecue wafts through the warm air. I love taking walks in the late afternoon. That block of time, just before the sun beds for the night in a wonderful display of orange, pink and lavender. The sun, always brilliant and dazzling, must go out with flair.

            Morning walks are great as well. Along with the cooler temperatures, the earth awakens with a joyful sound. Those who have to drag themselves from bed and rush off to work often fail to notice this celebration.

            Yet, there’s a calm peacefulness about the evening that I enjoy. Kind of like God and his earth heave a collective sigh at another day well done. 

            I feel him most on the soft evening breeze. It cools my sweat-drenched neck and forehead like soft kisses. I can almost hear his whisper asking was this a good day? Tell me about it.

            Good or troubled, I’m free to pour out the events of my day. His holy presence wraps tender arms around my spirit as he rejoices over the good, laughs at the silliness and comforts my disappointments. He promises that tomorrow is a new day and we’ll try to make it better.

            We all need these “sitting at Jesus’ feet” times. We need them to keep our spirits from drying up and sapping the tenderness from our hearts. We need these times to help put our lives in perspective.

            Call me a fanatic, or a Jesus freak, or what have you. But I’ve lived on the other side. I’ve rushed through each day only to collapse at the end and wonder where the time went. I’ve faced working out my problems alone. I’ve felt that emptiness when I’m alone and friends are busy or it’s too late in the night to call anyone.

            I’ve been there and never want to go back. I’m too happy knowing that wherever I go, the Holy One is there, too. (Psalm 139). I like knowing that when problems arise, he’ll come when I call on him. (Psalm 91:15) I love knowing that he’ll never leave me, (Matthew 28:20) and that his love for me can never be measured. (Ephesians 3:18).

            The God of the universe is big and small enough, that he can meet me on a park bench and talk over my day as we watch the sunset. It’s truly astounding to me. I can’t help but heave a sigh of relief knowing that, no matter what, I am not alone.


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