Posted by: Jackie | July 22, 2008

DRAGONLIGHT: A bright voice in dark places

I’m please to announce another wonderful Dragon book from author, Donita K. Paul. I’ve followed these stories from the beginning, finding each delightful and full of insight. Not to mention, Mrs. Paul is simply a wonderful storyteller.

Over the next week, I hope to have more discussion on this wonderful book, including an interview with the author herself.

For now, go check out Amazon for ordering these books:

You can learn more about Donita K. Paul at her website and blog. Monday nights, she does live chats on writing techniques that anyone can participate in.

Wednesday, July 23.  Here’s the interview with Donita K. Paul I promised.

What has been your greatest experience in writing the Dragon Keeper Chronicles?

This the type of thing that makes writing a worthwhile career:

Thursday, July 17th, 2008, around eleven o’clock AM Mountain time, I received one of the Grand Prizes given out to writers.

The award was given at a book signing at Mardels. I had no idea God had orchestrated the presentation. I signed a book after a brief conversation with a shy and beautiful teen girl. She leaned over and whispered, “My friend and I have decided to keep our relationships pure like Kale and Bardon did in your books.” She picked up her autographed copy and skedaddled, unaware that tears had sprung to my eyes and I was hallelujahing all over the place in the privacy of spontaneous worship to our Lord.

 The accolades of men are nice. An affirmation from God is GRAND PRIZE.

 I can’t imagine a greater gift than that. Awesome!

What drew you to write for YA? You also write romance as well, isn’t that correct? Which gives you the most joy to write?

 Romance is by far easier to write than fantasy, but I find both satisfying. I decided to try my hand a YA because there are so many YA series that I enjoyed reading as a young teen, and the mass paperback books put out today just don’t compare.

 I’ve always admired how you do the chats with young people on Monday nights. Can you tell us a little more about why you started doing this?

 This actually came about at the readers’ request. We were doing a Monday night chat just to hobnob with readers, but soon their questions centered around the craft of writing. So we decided to approach the chat from that angle and use books to structure the talks, so they wouldn’t be so random.


 Well, I’ve sat in on a couple of them and enjoyed it very much.

What is the first thing you do when you sit down to write a new book?

 Open a clean document. I sometimes have mulled over an idea for a day or two. On the last one, I just started without any prep whatsoever. Kind of scary, huh?


 What do you wish someone would have told you when you were getting started?

  I wish someone had told me how rough it is. The market is saturated. New, talented, skilled authors are knocking on the doors with great stories. A gifted storyteller can go years without getting published. That’s disheartening for even the most valiant writer. But it is all in God’s hands, in God’s timing, subject to his sovereign will. Nothing that we write, even if no one else even sees it, is for naught. God works on our hearts as we write, and sometimes that was what He had in mind, all along. So don’t let the lack of publication steal your joy. The Joy of the LORD is our Strength!

Thanks so much for the interview.




  1. Hey, Jackie, I love the title of your post. I’m assuming you’re planning to post your interview during the CFBA tour. I’m not sure what I want to do for that one since I’ve already used up my ideas. 😀


  2. Hi, great interview, enjoyed looking at your blog. I’m trying to visit all the CSFF blog tour sites before the end of tonight, it’s going to be fun. Or tiring. Or something.

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