Posted by: Jackie | August 26, 2008

CSFF: Broken Angel by Sigmund Brouwer


August 26, 2008

From Publisher’s Weekly: “The terrific pacing is surpassed only by the character development; the many supporting characters are extremely well-drawn. Brouwer adds even more suspense by regularly revealing that some of these characters are not who they appear to be.”My take: There are a lot of characters and the book is hard to follow at first. I was interested in the little girl, but from the beginning, already supposed what the hump might be. I’m not a big fan of either Science Fiction nor Suspense, but this book I found intriguing.

You can read a the prologue here. The story starts with a letter which ends up interwoven throughout the novel. It helps the main character learn more about herself as the story progresses.

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August 25, 2008

 This month’s tour comes from Sigmund Brouwer, author of The Last Diciple.

I read Brouwer’s first book, intrigued with the belief that when Jesus spoke of the last days, he referred to the time right before Jerusalem’s fall, that the Antichrist was none other than Nero, and the Everlasting Kingdom actually refers to the Church.

If you have ever considered studying these beliefs, then Brouwer’s book would be a good read.

Now he has come out with another intriguing story, Broken Angel.

There’s a cool video you can see that goes with the book. Check it out.

Visit Brouwer’s Website at

And visit Amazon to find out more information about purchasing the book.

Tomorrow I’ll come back with more on this book after I’ve checked out some of the other sites. Check them out yourself by clicking on the links provided on the sidebar.

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  1. Thanks for adding your voice to the discussion about Broken Angel, Jackie.


  2. Jackie,

    I really appreciate your comments!


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