Posted by: Jackie | October 26, 2008

Magic Maker

There’s magic dwelling deep down inside each of us. Not the potions and incantations kind of Halloween magic. Not the fairytale or fable kind of magic either. No, what I’m talking about is that extraordinariness hidden within a person that screams and fights to be released.

This extraordinary wonderment comes from the Father of Lights, the giver of all good gifts. (James 1:17) Each of us has a heavenly mandate to find this magic within us and use it to bring light to a languishing, sin-filled world. (John 14:15)

Yet, my friends, trouble lurks at hand. An evil plot to thwart the Kingdom’s children from not only uncovering their potential, but from using it to dazzle the world. This enemy uses all manner of tactics from busyness to self-doubt to even more sinister plan of actions such as addictions and lies, which wound tender spirits to the point of near-death. (John 10:10) And if this diabolical thief can keep the children from shining, well then. . . .

Yet the Father of Lights is even more wise and purposeful. He has ways to encourage his children to dig deeper and find the inner strength to make a difference in this world. His greatest asset are the children who are willing to share their gifting with those who haven’t found theirs yet.  His other resource is in the unity of his light-bearers, when they gather together. This place will really brighten up when God’s children walk together as one strong front, let me tell you!

Friends, find those special gifts that only you have. Guard them from the enemy at all costs. But bring them out, explore them, play with them and most of all, use them!

The world will not fail because of the wrong leader. This upcoming Presidential race will not dictate the fate of this country. No governing power has that authority. (Ps. 72:11) It’s all us, folks. We decide, each and everyone of us when we make the decision to step from the mundane into God’s full-working wonderment.

Oh, what a dazzling world this could be!



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