Posted by: Jackie | November 12, 2008

Have We Really Thought Through These Propositions?

This Saturday, November 15th, a Rally is scheduled to take place in front of the Dallas City Hall. The gathering is a grass root effort that will also take place in many major cities across all 50 states at the same time. The topic of protest? California’s Proposition 8.

A similar proposition passed in Florida as well, along with a major ban on single parent foster care in Arkansas. Most might say the people have had their say, justice has been served and victory against evil’s influence in this country quenched. But there’s more at stake here and I wonder if my Jesus brothers and sisters have really thought this through or merely jumped on the moral majority band wagon.

I’m wondering how many of my Jesus brother and sisters would feel to find out the marriage vows they’d taken with their partner whom they deeply love suddenly became null and void based on the majority rule? How would they explain this change in the family system to their children? How would they comfort those innocent little ones who come home asking why they are not considered a “real” family?

This decision affects so many more people than we realize. I’ve heard the Religious Right’s argument for the need to protect the children. But who is protecting the children that belong to LGBT families? Back in 1999, it was estimated that six to 14 million children are raised by at least one gay parent. The numbers of the past 9 years have only grown. Yet what protection do these children have when their parents are not allowed to form legal unions where all are protected under the law as any other family? Who is standing up for them against the hate and strife this fight evokes in our country and cities?

God is pro-family and there is no denying that. The ten commandments tell us to honor our parents. It doesn’t list the criteria these parents must meet to be honored. If the Bible isn’t precise on this, who are we as a church to pass judgement on what is and isn’t a moral family? And I don’t see large gathering of religious protester or picketers saying an atheist can’t adopt children or form a foster family. This simply doesn’t balance out in my view of things.

All I see that we as a church are accomplishing is dividing and weakening the very family structure we are commissioned to protect. Yet our hateful stance on this issue causes parents to ostracize their very own children because they think it’s their Christian responsibility to not accept such sinful behavior. For myself, I didn’t speak to my mother for two years after she came out to me, believing the same falsehood. Finally, God got through to me that his commandments didn’t waver, no matter what lifestyle choices she made. Her decision was something that should have been left between Him and her in the first place.

I know there are many arguments both for and against this topic and both have valid points. But fact is fact. Religious judgement is tearing families apart and will continue to do so until the Church begins to walk in love like Jesus taught and not be like the Pharisees who he called a “generation of vipers.”

I keep thinking of the passage in the Bible where Jesus stands overlooking Jerusalem with yearning in his heart, wanting to gather them in like a hen gathers her chicks. There is such a large segment of this world that is turned away because of rejection and hate-filled words of those who need to be speaking in love. Jesus didn’t come to condemn, he came to give life. His whole time spent on earth was an example of this. Who are we to play God and say who are worthy and not worthy to enter the kingdom? We are to point the way into the gate, not block it.

I’m afraid that those who stand in front of the gate with fingers waving around need to take care lest they hear a resounding thud when the gate closes behind them.



  1. HI Jackie,
    I hesitated to comment. Even smacking my forehead and asking –Why did I even look! But I did. : ) And of course cannot keep quiet.

    First, I praise the Lord that we are good friends. What is the verse in the BIble – as iron sharpens iron – guess we’ll do some filing. To say I don’t agree with you would be a thunderstatement – [Spelled that way on purpose : ) not my usual dislexic fingers]

    1. Marriage is called Holy matrimony – defined by God as the union of a man and a woman. Hard to be fruitful and multiply if you’re two guys!

    2. There is no law against financial unions. Power of attorneys, homosexual partners being listed as beneficiaries to insurance policies. or wearing rings on your fingers. So what is the real beef?

    3. Homosexuals want the approval of society. As our world slides into an immoral pit, society may well concede. But as a Christian who believes the BIble I cannot nor will I. That is not to say I hate homosexuals,. But I do hate what is happening to this country.

    4. Accepting homosexuality as ‘normal’ paves the way for sex with children and animals. Hard core romance novels are already writing about it. Sin is never content to stay at one level. Years ago our society decided that instead of fornication and adultery, it was now to be called affairs and relationships. The slide will continue unless Christians stand up for righteousness.

    5. As for the little children caught up in the fray – as far as I know no one is going to barge into a home and declare that this is not a family. Deal with the real issue – is homosexuality a sin or not. If you don’t think it is then what do you give 2 cents what other people think anyway. And why try and justify it by calling your cohabitation a marriage?

    6. Jesus ate with sinners – but I bet when they left him they were changed and took to heart the admonishment to ‘go and sin no more’

    7. Jesus did not come to bring peace into the world, rather a sword. Matt 10:34

    8. Is it love to let others wander merrily into hell? To not at least let them know there will be a price if they lead others astray?

    9. There are haters on both sides – but why listen to the extremes? Check out what the Word of God says. I think the book of Romans spells it out fairly clearly.

    10. I don’t hate homosexuals – but will not condone their lifestyle. It is not good for them, their children, or this country.

    Love ya

  2. Patti, I stick with my stance that it is this very attitude that is keeping people from the church. We are told not to judge even more than we are told anything else.
    Jesus himself told us not to judge or we’ll be judged with the same measure. Matt 7:1&2.
    Some of your points are hate-filled blanket statements and have no truthful backing to them. Some I’m saddened to hear you say.

    I will not get into a scripture debate with you or anyone else on this. The fact remains that we are called to walk in love and I don’t see that happening right now.

    As to your Romans reference, I would like to point you to Romans 14:13
    “Let us not therefore judge one another anymore; but judge this rather, that no man put a stumbling block or an occasion to fall in his brother.”

    God’s love is unconditional and all encompassing. I feel we are focusing our energies in the wrong places when we point our fingers and say how bad this world is. It’s not bad. If we’d all live up to our full potential it would be a wonderful place.

  3. Jackie,
    Sorry you feel that way.
    The only thing we do have is the scripture. And that is what I will stand on. If we don’t beleive the BIble then we will be open to anything. And that is what I see happening. If you think it is judging then so be it. Not my problem. Take it up with God.

    If we’d all live up to our full potential it would be a wonderful place. — NOT going to happen this side of heaven. The BIble says there is not one good. no one. We can not be good enough. Our rightesousness is as filthy rags. Only through Jesus are we made righteous.

  4. A very interesting blog post. I’m a Gay person and a Catholic. The reason I don’t approve of the Gay marriage movement is that by saying that gay marriage is a right, I’m afraid that it takes away the rights of Christians to believe what they have always believed about marriage and sexual morality without being classed as guilty of hate crimes.

    But the attitude some Christians take is distressing because they have so many false ideas about what the ‘homosexual’ is like— as if we were all the same. I myself follow the teachings of my Church and live a life of chastity, and yet some Christians feel the need to lecture me about my alleged sins and alleged lifestyle just because I admit to having a Gay orientation.

    Another thing that bothers me is the idea that no ‘Gay’ person ever be allowed to adopt a child. Honestly, I don’t think my radically Christian chaste lifestyle would have harmed a child had I been permitted to adopt, and if I were more of a party girl I could have produced a child the old-fashioned way.

    Anyway, I thank you so much for your brave blog post, I think it was just what I needed to read at this time.

    Love in Christ,
    Nissa Annakindt

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