Hammock Reflections



We try to contain it. We wear it on… or actually under… our sleeve. We hang it up in conspicious places where we can keep our eye on it.
Yet… we can never quite grasp it.

I’m convinced that Time is simply a figment of Man’s imagination. God is timeless. He is beginning and end. He knows what has, what is, and what will happen. And I bet he’s never worn a watch. Not even in his pocket.

Yet, we can be slaves to time. We never have enough. It goes by fast, like money out of a ripped pocket. Unless we are waiting in line, then it seems like it slowly goes on and on and on and on….

I think, if only I had more time then I could have finished that chapter today, worked on my blog… how many months has it been? Where has the time gone?

We read books on how to manage it. We draw up elaborate schedules on Excel or whatever program you use. I’m sure it takes hours to learn how to work it.

I’m a queen of lists. To do list, to buy list, wish list, blah, blah, blah.
It’s all kind of silly isn’t it? Fact is, we have just the amount of time that we need. We can do anything we make time for. We can stop and smell the proverbial roses, if we want to.
Maybe instead of asking, “Do I have time to do this right now?” We should ask, “What’s my priority right now?” We’d get a much more honest answer.

What time is it for you?

Do you know it took me exactly 12 minutes to type this?
Do you know that in one hour, I can type about five pages in a manuscript?
Do you know it only takes three minutes to stop by my child’s room to say “I love you!” and give them a hug?
Do you know, it only takes 5 minutes to start a load of laundry?
Did you know that you can set aside 15 minutes a day to get that mountain you’ve been avoiding taken down to a hill?
Did you know God is just as happy with a quick 5 minute prayer of praise as He is with a 20 minute long-winded prayer? He just wants you to give him some of your abstact time.

It’s not real. Time.
It’s not tangable. Time.
It’s certainly not graspable. Either.

Just something to think about. If you have a spare minute.
Think I’ll go spend a little time in taking a walk.


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